Eurohaus is a design company offering our clients truly professional expertise to ensure the success of their building projects at every stage from inception to completion.

We can help at the very earliest project stages with funding, design and planning and we can still be there for you at the end with site visits, product supply and sales.

You can choose to appoint us for one stage or many and our team has more than 30 years’ experience in the property business.

We have designed and had built over 400 projects in 8 different countries. Most of our UK work is within and around the London area.

We specialise in high quality residential projects but also have considerable experience in retail and office projects. Please visit our portfolio page for a small sample of our extensive work.


As an architect led business we offer a full range of building design services. At the beginning of your project we can help establish the best option for your site and then develop a building design that achieves it.

As the project develops we can help with a range of services progressing from planning applications to technical drawings, contract documents, site inspections and warranties.

We also manage and co-ordinate the work of other specialist services such as landscape, engineering, lighting design and energy assessments.

In short, we can help you realise the ideal solution for your site.

Since 2008 we have owned 50% of the UK based practice Clearly Architects.

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With a range of consultants at our disposal and many years of experience working with the London Boroughs, we are well equipped to maximise
our clients chances of obtaining planning approval for their projects.

We offer a full range of planning services, such as making applications, planning statements, appeals and pre applications.

We submit on average 6 or seven planning applications each month and have a high success rate.

When integrated with our other services our planning expertise provides clients with a single point of contact. Because we design and visualise schemes we can react very quickly to any feedback from Councils during the sometimes tortuous planning process.

We also offer an optional planning tracking service that means we continuously check the progress of our clients applications.


Nothing brings a floor plan to life better than a 3d visualisation of it. Indeed for many of those not familiar with building drawings a flat 2d portrayal may convey almost no realistic meaning at all.

It is not too many years since one had to get a watercolour done! and even with the advent of computer based drawings the process remained time consuming.

Now, thanks to our partners in Germany & Sri Lanka, a combination of new software, clever use of programming and skilful technicians, we have developed tools to greatly speed up the process and now make 3d modelling an economic option for most projects

There are many potential applications, including hotel room views, sales and marketing floor plans, fire escape routing and building tour guides.

You can see examples of our 3D works


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Once the exterior design of any project has been resolved we offer our clients a range of interior design services.

Firstly, and frequently overlooked, is the need for a clear overall approach to the chosen style of the interior. Will it be contemporary or will it make reference to a particular historic period? How will it relate to the overall building layout?

Once the approach has been agreed upon, we can help with the selection of floor and wall finishes, bathroom design, lighting and joinery. We also help co-ordinate the input of specialist companies such as IT, furniture and security suppliers.

And finally, from our German office, our sister company Eurohaus products ( exports high quality kitchens and joinery at prices significantly lower than any UK retail equivalent.

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The building process becomes more of a legal obstacle course each year, but we can help our clients comply with legislation at each stage of the process.

At an early stage of the design process we can advise on boundary, contamination and right to light issues.

As the project progresses we can deal with party wall issues, energy compliance and the rules relating to utility connections and infrastructure.

And at later stages we can prepare lease or land registry plans and resolve disputes.

At any project stage we can refer clients to specialist Barristers if the issues become too complex.

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The Party Wall Act 1996 affects you if you intend to carry out the following:-

- Work on an existing wall or floor shared with another property.
- Build on or up to the boundary of a neighbour’s property. (Including premises under yours).
- Excavate within certain distances of a neighbour’s property. (3 or 6 metres depending upon the foundation details).

We have more than 15 years experience in dealing with even the most complex party wall issues and have prepared and completed dozens of notices awards and related agreements.

If you have a party wall issue or query please contact us in the UK on 0208 150 7966

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With years of experience in both design and construction we offer our clients a project management service exactly tailored to the needs of their project.

Whether it is a few site visits to check progress and cost or a near full time presence on site to deliver your project on time we have the people who can help.

And because a successful project starts with the right pricing and contract documents we can help produce these, along with obligatory health & safety documents as the first step towards the outcome you want.

On larger projects we have even kept things simple for the client, built the agreed scheme and handed them the keys at the end!

Please see the Portfolio section for jobs built by our teams.



In the past we have undertaken joint ventures with investors and developers. In some cases, we will provide the expertise and the investors the funds. In other instances, we will contribute both expertise and equity in exchange for a share of the profit.

Sometimes, if our clients own the development site, we will introduce investors to get the project started.

Finally if you have a site to sell or a completed project, we have investors and clients who may want to acquire it. So, whenever the site – why not tell us about it?


Vineyard Hill - Stair Well 2008
Labenz 2012 - Concreting in the Snow (You Can)
Labenz Germany - Under Construction 2012
Labenz House Near Complete - 2014
Lovelace Road Surbiton - Under Construction 2008
Wimbledon House Being Built 2008
Wilberforce Way - New Build 600 Sq m. House 2011
Wilberforce Way SW19 - Floors Being Craned In
Kitchen - Clapham 2011
Kitchen for Orla Kiely - Clapham 2012
Wimbledon Village House - 2010
Doubling the Size of a House - Beckenham 2012
Patrol Place SE6 - 3 houses in 2014
Thruxton Farm - 6 Houses 2006
Perry Vale - 12 Flats in a Listed Fire Station 2011
Labenz 2012 - 1 Acre Plot Completely re-levelled
Labenz - Moving the Earth 2012
Wilberforce way - Dining Room 2012
Wilberforce Way - Kitchen Diner 2012
49 Elms Crescent - 2015
3d sample - Prepared Dec 2011
Eglinton Hill - Cut Away Section 2016
Eglinton Hill - 2016
Montage - 2012
Windmill Lane Stratford - 2016
30 King Street - 2009 Design and Build in Canterbury
Digging a Hole - SW19 2011
Design for Harsh Climate - Ahornweg German Design and Build 2002
Fit Out of Famous Foster Buiidng for ODS - Swindon 2008
Greenoak Way Under Construction 2010
Warin House - Germany 2003
Clapham Common South Side - 4 Flat Conversion 2009
Apartment - London SW4 2007
Vineyard Hill - SW19 2008
Schwerin Mecklenburg - House Renovation 2011
Penthouse Flat in Cheyne Walk - Currently on site
House Renovation - Germany 2012
House in Wimbledon - 2012
Haydown Links House - Aylesbury Renovation2010
Lincoln Avenue - SW19 Interior 2011
House in Balham - Building Joint Venture 2012
Chelsea Interior 2012
House in Balham - 2012
Kitchen - Smith Street Chelsea 2011
Kitchen - Vineyard Hill SW19 - 2008
Clapham Common - Apartments 2005
Crockham Hill Farm - Renovation CA 2012
Warandeberg Belgium - 2005
Wilberforce Way- Interior 2012
Kitchen in Production - German Workshop 2011
Kitchen - Tottenham 2015
Kitchen - Sevenoaks 2008
Kitchen - Tooting 2011
KItchen - Dulwich 2015
KItchen - Clapham 2011
Kitchen - Clapham 2009
Kitchen - Beckenham Kent 2015
Bespoke German Kitchen - Fitted in London 2012
49 Elms Road - KItchen Extension and Interior
Eglinton Hill 8 Flats 2015
Greenoak Way - House 2011-12
Lincoln Avenue - SW19 Extension and Renovation 2011
Rodenhurst Road - 2009
Crescent Lane Kitchen 2008
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